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Air Conditioning Repair, Service & Replacement

Call AireSmith, Inc for AC repair and service in San Antonio, TX. We’ve been making people comfortable since 1988, and have thousands of satisfied customers. Our HVAC technicians are expertly trained, and can install, maintain and repair all air conditioner makes and models. Call us today at 210-658-0841, to schedule your AC repair, service or installation. Remember, “We sell comfort, not equipment.” This means that we’ll work with your family’s needs and budget to find the perfect solution for your cooling needs.

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AC Repair and Cooling Services Offered

AireSmith has been the go-to HVAC company in San Antonio, TX since 1988. Our AC repair techs are the best in the business, with the the training and tools necessary to repair your AC unit right, the first time. And, if it’s time for a new air conditioner for your home or business, let us know. Our focus is getting you the proper AC unit for the job – and installing it correctly, not trying to sell you the biggest or most expensive air conditioner. Our AC professionals will work with you to find the perfect heating and cooling option for your home and budget.

How Do I Know When I Need a New Air Conditioner?

We are often asked “How do I know when I need a new air conditioner or furnace?”, and the answer is, it depends. There are many factors to consider before purchasing a new home heating or cooling system:

  • What is the age of your current system?
  • Are you paying more for utilities than in the past?
  • Is your family constantly cranking up the AC, but you’re still uncomfortable?
  • Does your furnace or AC unit seem to run constantly?
  • Is it getting more and more expensive to maintain your existing unit?
  • Are you interested in taking advantage or more efficient technologies to heat and cool your home?


The HVAC professionals at AireSmith will work with you and your budget to find the perfect solution to your home heating and cooling needs. Give us a call at 210-658-0814 to learn more.

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