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AC Repair in Universal City & San Antonio, TX

Call AireSmith Inc. for all your AC repair needs. Our experienced HVAC technicians are expert at diagnosing and fixing all models and brands of air conditioner. We’ve been taking care of customers in the San Antonio, Texas area since 1988, and our work is 100% guaranteed.

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Air Conditioner Repair

Male hispanic air-conditioning maintenance technicianIs your AC unit not working like it used to? If it’s not blowing cool air anymore, the repair could be as simple as cleaning the coils or replacing the filter – according to ENERGY STAR, “A dirty filter can increase energy costs and damage your equipment, leading to premature equipment failure.”  Give us a call and we’ll send a professional HVAC tech out to check on your system. We’ll check the refrigerant to be sure your AC unit has the right amount, and will also check for leaks in the system.

An AC unit that isn’t cooling your home could also have a broken compressor. If so, you’ll need to get that replaced to get your air conditioner on-line and keeping your family or business cool and comfortable.

And, if you seem to be paying more and more to keep your old AC unit running, it may be time to think about upgrading to a new, more efficient air conditioner. If this is the case, our professional HVAC techs will work with you to find the best AC and heating unit for your family or business needs.

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Regular maintenance and service ensures that your AC unit or furnace will be running at peak efficiency, keeping your family comfortable and saving you money. Sign up for our Maintenance Club, and you save money, and have peace of mind.

If you’re having a heating or A/C emergency, call us – (210) 658-0841

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