The purchase of a Central Air Conditioning system is quite the investment and is one of the most expensive upgrades that people will do to there homes. Here in south Texas where Air Conditioning is  not just a nice thing to have but is a necessity especially during the summer, you want to make sure that the system in your home will do its job and not be costing you arm and a leg on repairs, breakdowns, and unforeseen complications. It also needs to be energy efficient, with the cost to cool your home being 60% to 80% of your monthly electrical bill it is important to have as energy efficient system as possible.

The normal life of an Air Conditioning system is 8 to 12 years old, this can vary by a number of different factors with the equipment and its application and most importantly its install. We have seen systems run for 26 years with little to no major problems. We have also seen systems completely fail after 6 years and it was not covered under warranty. The major difference in thee two systems was how they where installed and how they where maintained after the install. With the potential for such a large gap in between your purchases of new Air Conditioning systems, and the very real possibility that you have never invested in one before, means that the general public may not know what questions to ask when you are begging your search for a new system.

That is why we have assembled our 40 Questions to Ask When Buying a New AC System to give you a base line of questions to ask any potential seller of equipment. These questions are designed to separate the companies who know what they are doing and the ones who you do not want to be anywhere near your system.

There may be more questions that you have or different things that you are concerned about that are not listed here, we would love to hear from you as to what you think would make a great addition to this list.

As always we offer FREE second opinions for all system replacements and FREE quotes for you as well. If you are receiving multiple bids from different companies ask them these 40 questions and then compare them to what answers the Comfort Specialists at AireSmith give you.

Remember, “We Sell Comfort, Not Equipment”



Questions to ask about new Air Conditioning system install.


  1. Are you licensed by the state?
  2. Are your technicians registered with the state?
  3. Are they EPA certified?
  4. Are they background checked?
  5. Are there any permits that need to be pulled for the work?
    1. If yes continue.
    2. Who takes care of that?
  6. What brand of equipment?
  7. Why are you selling that brand of equipment over another?
  8. Are your install technicians factory trained on the brand you are installing?
  9. Are your service technicians factory trained on the brand you are installing?
  10. What kind of warranties come with the system from the manufacturer?
  11. Does the equipment have to be registered to receive that warranty?
  12. Who registers the equipment?
  13. What warranties come from you?
  14. Do you have extended warranties?
  15. Is the system an AHRI match?
    1. If so… ask questions below.
    2. What is the SEER rating?
    3. What is the EER rating?
  16. What rebates are available?
  17. Who takes care of the rebate paperwork?
  18. How will you prepare the copper lines?
    1. Will the lines be flushed?
  19. How many microns will it be pulled to?
  20. Will you install a filter into the lines?
  21. What kind of solder will you use on the welds?
  22. Will you replace the disconnect?
  23. Will you replace the slab?
  24. Will the compressor have a sound blanket?
  25. Is the system Energy Star Rated?
  26. Will you be replacing the auxiliary drain pan?
  27. What safeties will be installed to control the water?
  28. What material is the Coil made of?
  29. What kind of Filtration will I get with the system?
    1. How much do the filters cost?
    2. How can I get them?
  30. Will I get a UV light?
    1. If yes continue.
    2. How often will I have to change the bulbs?
    3. When will the light be on?
    4. How powerful is the light?
  31. Will you install a surge protector?
  32. Will I get a new thermostat?
    1. Is it programmable?
    2. Is it Wi-Fi?
  33. Walk me through the install process.
  34. What guarantees do you have?
  35. What kind of service do I receive with the new system?
  36. What steps do you take for quality control?
  37. How many stages is the outside system?
  38. How many stages is the inside system?
  39. Will that require any additional wires or controls to operate?
  40. What will you do with the old equipment?