The best way to keep the cold in and the hot out during the summer and the opposite in the winter is with insulation. Insulation can come in may different forms but it all designed to do the same, however not all insulation is made equal.

The insulation in your walls if your home was built with it is pretty well set where it is and without serious remodeling it doesn’t make since to replace it. However the insulation in your attic is easily accessible and it has other benefits to replacing it besides just saving you some money, even though that is always a good thing.

The common insulation that was blown or rolled into the attics of most homes is a newspaper style insulation that is constantly settling and deteriorating. This means that it is not giving you the same insulation value that you got when it was first put in. The other major problem with this deterioration is it causes dust. If you have the grey newspaper style insulation in your attic, a large majority of the dust in your home is actually deteriorating attic insulation. This is not good for you because it creates more dust to be cleaned, but it is also not good for the people in your home who are breathing it in.

The great news is there is an alternative to this bad and outdated way of doing things. The new Aerated insulation that AireSmith blows into your attic is infuse with air and designed to be expanding. It has a ZERO settling rate and will even continue to expand for years down the road. With available rebates form energy companies, removing and having new expanding attic insulation blown in may not be as expensive as you think it might be, and is one of the fastest ways to save money on your electrical bill.

If this is something you would like to learn more about we can set up an appointment for one of our Comfort Advisors to come to your home an give you a free estimate on how we might make you more comfortable in your home.

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