Duct Cleaning264Overtime, the walls of your furnace and air conditioning system become covered in dust, allergens, and other debris. Some of these contaminants can cause allergic reactions, and others significantly decrease the efficiency of your AC or heating system.

The professional HVAC technicians at AireSmith recommend that you clean the air duct work in your home or business at least once every two years. We use only the best methods and equipment to ensure that your entire HVAC duct system is cleaned completely. And, we follow the highest standards in the industry, and all of our air duct and dryer vent cleaning projects are performed by highly trained technicians.

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 duct-cleaning200Clean Air Ducts Can Contribute to:

  • an increase in indoor air quality
  • an increase in AC or heating system efficiency
  • a decrease in the amount of dust circulating throughout your home
  • a decrease in asthma symptoms
  • a reduction or elimination of musty and/or stale odors

Remove Mold and other Allergens

Mold and allergens can live and thrive in the dirty, moist environment of your homes heating and cooling system. As cooled air is circulated to warmer parts of the house our business, condensation can occur. This creates an ideal environment for the production of mold – the  primary irritant for allergy sufferers. Do you notice that your allergies get worse the more you use your AC or furnace? If so, it’s probably time to have AireSmith come out and take a look.

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